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December 30, 2018

Consumer Health Digest is a free weekly e-mail newsletter edited by William M. London, Ed.D., M.P.H., with help from Stephen Barrett, M.D. It summarizes scientific reports; legislative developments; enforcement actions; news reports; Web site evaluations; recommended and nonrecommended books; and other information relevant to consumer protection and consumer decision-making. Its primary focus is on health, but occasionally it includes non-health scams and practical tips.

Chiropractors sued over peripheral neuropathy claims. The federal government has charged the Kansas City Health & Wellness Clinic in Lenexa, Kansas and its owner-operators Ryan Schell and Tyler Schell with defrauding Medicare by billing for nerve conduction tests, nerve block injections, ultrasonic guidance, and treatments using vasopneumatic devices that were either not provided or not medically reasonable or necessary for the treatment of peripheral neuropathy. According to the lawsuit, the clinic solicited patients with ads stating that it could heal neuropathy and "rejuvenate the nerve fibers." The suit lists more than $467,000 in allegedly false billings between October 2011 and December 2013. The federal government is seeking triple that amount under the federal False Claims Act. [Margolies D. Federal government sues Lenexa chiropractic clinic for Medicare fraud. KCUR. Dec 24, 2018] At least two other Kansas chiropractors have faced similar accusations:

Efforts to expand chiropractors' scope denounced. Attorney Jann Bellamy has warned that chiropractors are seeking to expand their scope of practice and even function as primary care practitioners. The legislative strategies include:

[Bellamy J. Legislative alchemy 2018: Chiropractors rebranding as primary care physicians continues. Science-Based Medicine. Dec 20, 2018]

Chiropractic "preventive maintenance" blasted. Dr. Stephen Barrett has spotlighted of the prevalent problem of non-evidence-based periodic maintenance or "wellness" care promoted by chiropractors, which often involves long-term contracts at "discounted" prices. [Barrett S. No benefit found for chiropractic 'preventive maintenance'. ACSH. Dec 5, 2018]

"Alternative" cancer therapy ads backfire. A report by group of Chinese physicians drew extensive media coverage and triggered government investigation of China's Quanjian Group, a $3 billion-a-year "alternative medicine" empire. The report spotlighted the story of Zhou Yang, a four-year-old girl with cancer. The Washington Post has reported:

Source: Shih G, Li L. A Chinese alternative medicine empire is under fire after doctors say it gave jujube tea to a 4-year old cancer patient. Washington Post. Dec 28, 2018

Quackwatch, Barrett profiled. The importance of couples having compatible health perspectives in order to support each other's health strategies for the long run is emphasized in a new article about Quackwatch and Dr. Stephen Barrett. [Matthews H. Quackwatchâ„¢ compiles trustworthy information to debunk health-related frauds impacting couples everywhere. Dec 26, 2018]

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